Discovering Truth and Beauty in Your Work and Community

So I did "a talk."

I think the best way to start off my new blog should be to post a video of me talking (naturally). 

I did The Fellows after college from 2012-2013 and was recently invited to speak to post-grads currently in the program at the national conference in Washington D.C..

I couldn't say no.

The Fellows Program changed the way I view my work and my role in the workplace. It taught me valuable life lessons and gave me even more valuable life-long friendships. It provided for me a platform to learn and develop new skills in a competitive Creative industry with the ability to hit and miss without the fear of failure.

My entire worldview was shifted upside down.

I could go on. Or you could watch the video. I'll leave you to it.

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"Start Well" talk by Chris Porter, Memphis Fellows class of 2013. Filmed live at TFI's National Conference, April 29, 2017.