Trinity Church: A New Traditional Rebrand

There are a few thoughts that might spur a re-brand for an organization...

"Things aren't going well, a new logo will fix it."
"I just can't stare at the logo anymore."
"If we change things, will people still know it's us?"

When I'm approached with a re-brand opportunity, I tend to focus on one.

"This current brand isn't representing us the way it should. Let's create something that reflects us as an organization, and one that will connect to our customer/consumer base."

It's way better because it's a longer sentence, right? With re-branding Destination Church to Trinity Church, I wanted to focus on a more sophisticated look. One that provided tradition, but that will ultimately allow their church members to feel more connected. Check out their new look in the images below.

Are you in need of a fresh design or a slick re-brand?

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- Keep punching.