Derby City Thunder

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Bold as Thunder



When the Louisville-based ultimate frisbee team approached me for a new logo and jersey, they came with a few sketches and a name…


Derby City Thunder Sketches

After diving into the project, we wanted to focus in on a horse/stallion as a symbol, referring back to the the iconic Kentucky Derby. Thunder is loud, like how a horse race sounds from the stands. Thunder is also unpredictable, like their playing style tends to be. This set up nicely for the brand scope.

DC KY Thunder Social Pic-03.jpg
DC KY Thunder Social Pic-05.jpg

Here are a few alternate looks for the brand that I explored. Each one representing a unique style, giving the client a direction to choose from and finalize during the design process.

DC KY Thunder Social Pic-07.jpg
DC KY Thunder Social Pic-09.jpg